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Product no.: R87252

A beautiful heart shaped gift set with attributes sensual enjoyment for the lovers. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Birthday...

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Product no.: R89320

This sensuously scented long lasting lotion has a smooth glide and silky texture. A rich blend of herbal and natural oils

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Product no.: R89319

A travel set of Kama Sutra favorites for inpulsive romance includes:

*  "Oil of Love, Raspberry Kiss" ....

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19.95 *
Product no.: R89310

Kamasutra's massage candle melts from candle wax to massage oil in a heartbeat, gliding onto your lover's skin

Old Price 19.95 €
14.95 *

New Intimate caress by Kama Sutra is an ultra-rich moisturizing shave cream for women. Made with Aloe Vera and Jojoba ...

Old Price 14.95 €
10.95 *

Try a little tenderness to ease weary mind and muscles with this silky massage oil drenched in pure essential oils. Externly use. 

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Product no.: R87500

Travel - set of the 5 sensuous aromatic massage oils. 5 x 50 ml: Sweet Almond - Serenity - Pleasure Garden ...

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Product no.: R84100

Transform a simple bath into an ocean of azure blue with this extraordinary blend of nature's own sea salts

Old Price 29.95 €
19.95 *

Fine, silky-smooth, kissable body powder with feather applicator. Dermatologically tested. Hypoallergenic. Use externally.

Old Price 27.95 €
19.95 *

A travel set of favorites for spontaneous romance. Set contains: Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust ...

Old Price 27.95 €
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Product no.: R88300

Massage treasure trove box with original Kamasutra higlights for generating romantic and sexy feeling, including:...

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Product no.: R87250

Throw this TRAVEL-KIT into your bag and follow it wherever passion leads you.Zipped inside - travel approved sizes of:kissably...

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Product no.: R88000

Smooth, slippery and water - based lubricant. Latex safe, dermatologist tested, hyppoallergenic. 

Old Price 14.95 €

Un gel formicolante ed esaltante per uomini e donne per eccitare e aumentare il piacere sensuale. Lattice sicuro.

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12.95 *

Caress a few arousing drops into the heart of your body's female pleasure center to spark an intense intimate response

Old Price 19.95 €
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